Celeste - Complete Short Film

Blending fiction and tragic history “Celeste” is a story of a young woman’s journey for truth and self-discovery in the face of lies, political conspiracy and cultural genocide.

As her mother lies on her deathbed, Shannon Thompson’s life is hurled into disarray when it’s revealed that she is adopted.  As Shannon seeks out the truth behind her adoption, she unravels a very disturbing truth.
Discovering that she was one of the 500 displaced children during the 10-year Argentinian Dirty War that saw over 13,000 people killed, Shannon begins to not only question the life given to her by her adopted parents, but her very identity.
Rachel Kent as Shannon Thompson 
Hank Fandel as Hank Thompson
Deborah Finley as Anna Thompson
Kaitlin Buck as Jessie
Director Horacio Santiago 
Producer Beth Indyke 
Director of Photography Cecilia Potenza
Composer Shaquan Baker 
Writers & Editors Horacio Santiago & Beth Indyke
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